A peek inside a producers natural habitat

By Alice Haldane

20 May 2024

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in a producer’s studio? Well we have your backstage pass. Get up close and personal with industry-standard software and hardware, gaining tips and tricks from two well-known UK producers.

TammyBeats and H1K proudly welcomed Feedback magazine into their second home – the studio. We checked out the latest equipment and found out what separates some of the best producing softwares. 

Only last month, both producers took the leap and grabbed the keys to their new hot spot in Cockfosters, London. Feedback went down to one of their studio sessions to see the creative process unfold.

Known as ‘Tammybeats’, Tom Moorhouse, 24, is a producer from Hertfordshire. With an impressive repertoire, he has produced for artists such as Lil Macks, Don Corleone, Pa Salieu, Sneakbo, Teeway, Tallerz, and more.


Popularly known through his producer tag: ‘H1K made this’, Ben Haldane is a 23-year-old producer, also from Hertfordshire, who has produced top charted music for artists including Abra Cadabra, K-Trap, Unknown T, M1llionz, Sam Wise, 67, and more.


The best producer software?

“We use FL studio. It’s the best for making beats, it’s nice and simple to use and pretty much tailored for producers to do what we do. And when we record artists, we use Logic pro, it’s and Apple only software, but that’s the best for when you need to record on.”

Producer tips?

“Make connections, like proper connections, not randomers, build a friendship with people. the best music comes out from doing that i think. I personally think that I’ve got further by making friends like Tom for example,” says H1K.

“Collaborating as well means Tom might go off to a different session to me, and he might get something that we could get used, or it could work the other way,” he added.

“I feel like also not just focussing on one thing, being able to do a good few different skills, so like engineering a session, making loops like we are doing right now, making drums, being able to do a lot of things, people are going to be able to message you for any opportunity,” said Tammybeats.

Watch the full interview on Feedback’s youtube: The studio tour

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