Glastonbury 2024: The best non-headliners you need to keep an eye on

By Dennis Minter

20 May 2024

Going to Glastonbury this summer? With Dua Lipa, SZA and Coldplay headlining, there’s plenty to look forward to, but what if you’re bored of the mainstream? Whether you’re into thrashing punk rock or some ethereal fairy music, check out Feedback’s comprehensive guide to this year’s best performers that you’ve never heard of.

Otoboke Beaver – The Park

This punk rock quartet from Kyoto, Japan, do not mess about. With pint sized hits (all but two of their songs are less than three minutes long), you’ll leave their set feeling like you’re stepping off a rollercoaster. Otoboke Beaver Smash the roof off any venue they play, their hard and fast style combines powerful feminist lyrics with enough thrashing drums and rolling riffs to keep even the most seasoned mosh pit veteran happy.

Required listening: S’il vous plaît, Don’t light My Fire, YAKITORI

NewDad  – Woodsies

Formed during secondary school as a way of avoiding solo performances in a compulsory music exam, NewDad have always had a penchant for escapism. Dreamy, lo-fi soundscapes are brought to life by vocalist Julie Dawson’s sombre tones, and together with emotion filled lyrics, the band let you wallow in the hurt feelings and rejections of their formative years whilst leaving you with a sense of hope and acceptance. Hailing from Galway, Ireland, NewDad are perfect to listen out for as the summer sun starts to set over Glastonbury.  

Required listening: I Don’t Recognise You, Sickly sweet, Nightmares

47SOUL – West Holts

It’s not everyday that musicians can say they invented a new genre, but 47SOUL have done exactly that with the self-named ‘Shamstep’. Originating in Jordan, but slowly spreading to the UK and US, the collective have built a loyal fanbase in the Middle East and will be looking to use their performance at this year’s festival to impress more listeners with their fusion of styles. Adding Arabic influences to the eclectic mix of hip-hop and electronica creates an impressive sound unlike anything you would have ever heard before in England, and you should search them out at the West Holts to experience it first-hand.

Required listening: Intro to Shamstep, Mo Light, Dakbe System

BC Camplight – The Field of Avalon

BC Camplight, real name Brian Christinzio, is an American-made success story of hard work and grit in the face of adversity. Writing about breakups, deportation or the loss of his father, most would say he has put literal sweat and tears into his music, though Christinzio might call it ‘Blood And Peanut Butter’, after his 2005 song of the same name. Regardless of how you see it, his life experiences have fuelled deep, thoughtful lyrics that he backdrops with 80s synth/indie rock to create a haunting but powerful setlist that should not be missed. His 2023 album The Last Rotation Of Earth is rumoured to be his last, so catch him while you can.

Required listening: Kicking Up A Fuss, I’m Desperate, Blood and Peanut Butter

Gardna – Unfairground

A self-proclaimed ‘good vibes ambassador’ (at least according to his Spotify profile), Gardna has an infectious energy that is impossible to resist at his live shows. Mixing Reggae, Dubstep, and Grime, Gardna takes obvious inspiration from his native Bristol and the city’s proud clubbing scene. A prolific collaborator, Gardna’s repertoire features the likes of Sigma, DRS and Mungo’s Hi Fi to produce a wide ranging, but always upbeat sound that keeps the fun level high and never drops it. If you are lucky enough to find yourself at Glastonbury, search for the festival goers that look exhausted but have a huge smile on their faces. They’ve probably just watched Gardna.

Required listening: R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P, Rudeboy, Down Low

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