Album Of The Day: 21st May

By Dennis Minter

21 May 2024

Our Album of the Day for the 21st of May is the thrilling self titled debut album by HEXE

HEXE, a trio comprising of father-son team Paul and Izaak Garner, alongside lead guitar/vocalist Reuben St Ledger, are the perfect band to find old school grunge riffs backed by Grohl-esque drums. Upping the pace from Monday’s Album Of The Day, HEXE will boost you through the slog of Tuesday with high energy tunes and distorted alt-rock guitar that is impossible not to nod your head to.

Hailing from Sheffield, the band was initially just a duo when it first formed in 2014, before Izaak recruited his father Paul, who had been in support bands for the likes of Pulp and Buzzcocks, to play bass in 2018. The band takes large inspiration from artists such as Nirvana, Pixies and Electric Six, and this shines through proudly in a number of songs such as Common Thief and Desert Sand.

Recording 90% of the record in an attic, which in itself is an impressive feat, this self-made effort was a 10 year labour of love and the results are undeniable; they launched the album to a sell out show at Sheffield’s Hallamshire hotel.

The standout track from the album is undeniably Frogman, which features Dick Valentine, lead singer of the aforementioned Electric Six. Never meet your heroes? No, make music with them instead.

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