Hollow by Jumper Boy at Sydney & Matilda

By Thomas Jackson

21 May 2024

Hollow by Jumper Boy

Complicated entanglements of crunchy guitars are met with beautiful vocal harmonies and a study rhythm that will get you moving up and down like your in the mosh pit with them. Hollow’s lyrics are poetic yet straight forward and delivered with great gusto by Jumper Boys frontman Owen Lyons.

Truly one of South Yorkshire’s top new indie band, you can catch Hollow and many more JB tracks at Duffy’s Bar, Leicester on the 24th of May and Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield on the 8th July. They are well worth a watch (they also have some fantastic merch) as they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that settles you in for some extremely technical, but luscious Midwest emo indie sounds.

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