Album Of The Day: 22nd May

By Dennis Minter

22 May 2024

Our Album of the Day for the 22 May is the BITE BACK EP by the punk rock force of nature Skint Knees.

This South Yorkshire based quartet are unashamedly inspired by the riot grrrl movement and as such are fittingly loud and proud in both sound and appearance. With clever lyrics on songs such as Cheerleader, backed by their slapping, rhythmic drums and the distorted guitar symptomatic of any punk band, Skint Knees channel their anger about the world around them in a way that can only be applauded as authentic.

Often singing (Or screaming, according to their Spotify) about gender, sexuality and equal rights, these punk rockers inspire thoughts of Cherry Bomb by The Runaways and have the unmistakable foundations of bona fide professionals. With time and a little nurture, the band will undoubtedly go far if they stick at it.

The EP kicks off with the aggressive Modern Prometheus, which features sombre lyrics and nifty guitar work that at times is reminiscent of Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop.

Over and Over was by far Feedback’s favourite song on the EP. Slightly more stripped back instrumentally, the melody is surprisingly catchy for a relatively short song. The song’s lyrics are clever, transporting you to exactly where Skint Knees want you to be; a dreary house where the band are ‘melting into the sofa’ out of their boredom with modern life.

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