Album of the day: May 24th

By Thomas Jackson

24 May 2024

Our Album of the day is THE RUINS OF LIMINAL LAND by Gasoline Green.

Recorded in his home studio, almost every instrument you hear on this album of beautifully atmospheric music comes from sixteen-year-old Tyler Baker, winner of Young Drummer of the Year 2023.

The album is a culmination of a love for Radiohead, Black Midi and the Twin Peaks sound track. Every track is awash with vocal harmonies sung by far away spirits, guitars played with nimble and succinct timing, drums that have the accuracy of a machine with the soul and passion of all the great percussionists past and present fused together. All woven together by noises and soundscapes that must come from another dimension – Kevin Parker eat your heart out because this is how you make a solo project.

All this leads you to think you have been kidnapped by benevolent and all knowing aliens. You join them on track one with Alien Alcohol Party Scene, which opens with a 15 Steps-esk (Radiohead) drum machine pattern that evolves and modulates like atoms in the large hadron collider. Throughout the album there are scatterings of deep philosophical ideas, questioning if ideas like Solipsism is real on Makurabu – hard hitting stuff from Baker who shows maturity in his song writing far beyond his years.

The last track SPACE DEATH is almost frightening. You get the disturbing feeling that those benevolent aliens got so drunk that they left you floating in the emptiness of space, never to be rescued and only a harrowing piano to keep you company.

Oh yeah, did we mention that this is also Gasoline Green’s sophomore effort. The first album Remember Me? Started Again has some great tracks such as Cinderella, but LIMINAL LAND solidified all those ideas and made them one.

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