Feedback Sounds Presents: Juggl_r

By Thomas Jackson

24 May 2024

Sheffield’s 70’s rock ‘n roll inspired three piece Juggl_r are the first of our artists to be featured on Feedback Sounds.

Composed of guitarist Matt Clayton, bassist Alex Strutt and drummer Kit Searle; Juggl_r join us for a slick and chilled out session of rock and indie jams with some pop sensibility thrown in. Not only are they pumping out some original songs like Have You Ever Heard – a track that you can’t help but bop to – but some fantastic covers we’re sure you know and love, now with the Juggl_r spin on them.

In Conversation with Juggl_r

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We also join the in conversation to talk about the elements of what makes a good cover song, writing their own song and where the hell the spelling of ‘ Juggl_r’ came from.

Go check out all the tracks on the Feedback Magazine YouTube channel as well as the rest of our amazing content that give you the insight in being the best musician you be.

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Some top notch covers by Juggl_r. Buzzcock’s Ever Fallen In love and and Led Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times make for some quality listening.

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