Watch: UK Grassroots Music Venues are in Crisis and closing down fast

By Thomas Jackson

29 May 2024

UK grassroots Music Venues are facing a crisis of closures.

These closures are not the cause of bad management. The temperamental nature of the business means that unlike other businesses like restaurants and cafes, their income is reliant on the varying act that they put on which has inherent risks, as not every performance will be the same and draw in a regular income. But, they are still affected by the same business rates.

Taking in other factors like the cost-of-living crisis, emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic (which meant no gigs were held during that time), being moved or relocated due to development and noise complaints all add to the pressures of trying to stay afloat and open.

Taking away these vital spaces affects not just the people who run them as businesses but the communities that they serve. New and upcoming artists will have fewer opportunities to showcase there craft. Owners will be unable to pay their staff and be forced to let talented producers, technicians and bar staff go – adding to greater unemployment.

This short documentary was made to highlight the the problems faced by Grassroots Music venues.

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