Album Of The Day: 30th May

By Alice Haldane

30 May 2024

Our Album of the day for the 30th May is HNPM by South Londoner rapper-producer Jim Legxacy.

A multilayered artist rising as one to watch, Legxacy effortlessly mixes genres like no other. Perfectly layering his vocals on top of Hannah Montana samples and Jersey Club beats, throughout his album, HNPM, you hear blends of afro-pop, emo guitar and punchy rap, all mixed with the sounds of modern day Lewisham.

Legxacy’s sound is extremely refreshing. He evokes a sense of nostalgia in listeners through lyrics across the album which cover stories of love and innocence lost, which enhance his ballads and raps. For example, his song old place explores the narrative of rekindling relationships and reminiscing, but he uniquely merges his soft vocals with drill and Jersey club rap. It’s genius and addictive, and it goes off.

Again, his lyrics on mileys riddim, which are addressed to an ex relationship, “you always took those moments for granted”, merge brilliantly with the chopped up sample of Hannah Montana’s, Ordinary Girl, and homegrown sounds of London.

My personal favourites are; mileys riddim, old place and ur marges crib, wait and hit light it twist it (I can’t choose, they are all so good).

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