Gig Guide East Anglia: Feedbacks Top picks for the week ahead

By Thomas Jackson

30 May 2024

Karma Sheen

Mixing the worlds of classical Hindustani music with psychedelic rock might sound like a trip back to the late 60’s, but if anything, Karma Sheen blend these two genres and push it into the modern day and beyond, whilst respecting both side of it’s origins. These multi-instrumentalist will go from a heavy 4/4 beat with whirling guitars to avant-garde breakdown to tranquil moment of drones and sitars and they are all draped in colourful stylings, ‘Sheen will be as much a show for the eyes as it will be for the ears.

When & Where & How Much?

Friday 31st May 2024, From 8pm at Norwich Arts Centre,

St. Benedict’s Street

Price: £12-£14 – Get Tickets Here

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A Rammstein tribute act with all the daring and outlandishness of the original (with some pyrotecnics to boot), they play as heavy as the real deal and look pretty spot on. Something heavy and intense for your Saturday evening might be a perfect sandwich between Sheen and our next choice.

When, Where & How Much?

Saturday, 1st June 2024, from 20:00 PM, Chinnery’s

21-22 Marine Parade, Southend-On-Sea SS1 2EJ

Price: £15.40 – Get Tickets Here

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The Feathered Thorns

Spoken word, folk and descriptions of fantasy lands of Norfolk and Suffolk. Be ready for a night beautiful and haunting vocals and stripped back soundscapes from Polly Wright and Jason Wick. This seated and intimate event will bring out the melancholy within you. Remnant of some of the saddest songs created by Nick Cave, be prepared for some raw emotions.

When, Where & How Much?

Sunday, 2nd June 2024, from 7:30 PM at Norwich Arts Centre,

St. Benedict’s Street

Price: £11 – Get Tickets Here

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