Young, white and female in the Rap Scene

By Jimmy Hughes-Brown

30 May 2024

Rising Star from Sheffield: An Interview with Kid Blu3

Sheffield’s music scene is buzzing, and Kid Blu3, a dynamic female rapper and singer, she is carving out a unique space in the industry. Recently, Feedback had the chance to talk to her about her journey, inspirations, and the challenges she’s faced.

Introducing Kid Blu3

“My name is Kid Blu3. I’m a female rapper and singer from Sheffield,” she begins. Currently, she’s studying song writing at the college on a scholarship, a testament to her talent.

Musical Influences

Kid Blue’s music is a melting pot of genres, reflecting her eclectic influences. “My influences are like Lauryn Hill, Biggie Smalls, Mac Miller, Little Simz, Erykah Badu, an artist called Kae from New Zealand, and Adrian Eagle from Australia,” she explains. This diverse mix gives her music a unique flavour. Hip hop has always resonated deeply with her. “You could talk about your struggles and hardships a lot more,” she explains.

Breaking Barriers

Being a white female rapper in Sheffield’s rap scene has its challenges. “I’ve got quite a lot of sexist comments saying, ‘Why should white females be rapping?'” she admits. However, these barriers haven’t deterred her. “I’m still going to keep making the music that I want to make because at the end of the day, it’s what makes me happy.”

Kid Blue is also acutely aware of the gender imbalance in the industry. “The industry is only like 3% female anyway. It’s already hard being a female, let alone a white female rapper.” Despite these odds, her focus remains on the positive aspects and the support she receives from her community.

She has played at Tramlines and appeared on BBC Introducing, steadily building her reputation.

Kid Blu3

Personal Struggles and Artistic Growth

Kid Blue’s music is deeply personal, shaped by her experiences with mental health and homelessness. “It’s made me understand people in a completely different way,” she says. These experiences have also made her cautious, but she has a supportive network. “We have people we can go to if we’re feeling quite low because we don’t have a family. Community support is vital.”

New Directions

Recently, Kid Blu3 has ventured into performing with a live band, inspired by Lauryn Hill. “I want to bring that element of hip hop back where it’s actually with live instruments,” she says, emphasising the authenticity and raw energy of live performances.

On Sheffield’s Music Scene

Sheffield’s hip hop scene, though underrepresented, is vibrant. “There are so many talented young rappers, singers, and producers not getting the limelight,” she notes. Kid Blu3 believes more regular hip hop events could help integrate the genre into the city’s mainstream music culture.

New Music and Upcoming Shows

Kid Blu3’s latest track, Times Change, is about overcoming darkness and looking towards a brighter future. “It’s about coming out of a dark place and going into a lighter one,” she describes. Her motto, “manifest, believe, succeed,” encapsulates her journey and outlook on life.

She has several upcoming performances, including Dronfield Arts Festival on June 23rd, Tramlines Fringe Stage on July 26th, and multiple shows at Sydney and Matilda. Fans can also look forward to new music soon. Keep an eye out for this rising star as she continues to break barriers and make her mark.

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