Glastonbury 2024: Inside Feedback’s festival travel bag

By Alex Jones

21 May 2024

Pyramid Stage, Glastongury. (Wikimedia Commons)

We’ve been thinking outside the box at Feedback this year. Of course you should bring your wellies and a tent to Glastonbury, but what items have you not thought about?

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket to Worthy Farm this year, here are some packing tips and items that will serve you well this Glastonbury. 

There’s no guarantee in this country but with any luck, the sun will come out for the weekend. Hats, glasses and sun cream will be commonplace, but have you thought about a portable electric fan? Slightly decadent for a weekend at Glastonbury but it is certainly worth thinking about. 

This one is a bit grim in all honesty. Baby wipes. Showers at Glastonbury are rare. And popular. In the words of the festival itself: ‘you should expect to queue for a while to use them.’ Without not going into too much detail, this may not be the only issue with them. Wiping yourself down with baby wipes when you’re hungover could be a good time saver and a small hygienic victory, albeit something of a low point. You won’t be thinking about that when heading to the Pyramid Stage for a historic Coldplay set. 

Some of the shortest sleeps of your life will come at festivals; late nights watching music followed by the sun antisocially streaming in your tent a matter of hours later. It is a challenge for the most seasoned, professional snoozers to get more than about five hours. The solution? Get yourself a blackout tent. These things are magic. If you’ve got the budget, these tents block out the sunlight and should buy you a couple hours more sleep. 

Think very carefully about food options. Tins and dry food that lasts is undoubtedly your best bet. It is never going to be the finest cuisine but if you cast your mind back to the start of this article, you won’t be thinking about that when heading to the Pyramid Stage for a historic Coldplay set

Keep your beers cool whilst saving space. 

This tip is only really useful for about a day but Feedback recommends freezing water bottles to keep alongside your other drink choices. As the ice gradually melts, you’re left with a cool bottle of water or a cool beer, depending on the direction you want to take the night. Seriously though, stay hydrated. 

Keane, PJ Harvey and IDLES are some of Feedback’s top picks for the weekend as well as alternative underground headliners Otoboke Beaver, NewDad and BC Camplight. Whatever you have in your kit bag, I’m sure you will have a great time.  

Read more about Glastonbury here.

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