BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend: The non-headliners you need to watch

By Dennis Minter

25 May 2024

Whilst there are a whole host of superstars at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, it’s understandable to feel sick of watching what feels like Coldplay’s 1000th headline show. Here at Feedback, we’ve found the best non-headliners to listen to if you’re at the festival or watching at home.

Picture Parlour – BBC Introducing Stage

Despite only having 2 songs on their Spotify, Feedback implores you to see Picture Parlour if you are at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Their first single, a slow but beautiful song called Norwegian Wood, features craftily distorted guitar solos, laid back drumming and beating basslines, which instantly bounce around your head and are hard to forget. And from the platform that these well played instruments provide, singer Katherine Parlour presides over her fantastical kingdom, like some sort of new-age Alex Turner prowling across the stage, gifting you with honey like vocals that pour so sweetly into the ear. Simply put, you must listen to this band.

Required listening: Norwegian Wood, Judgement Day

Sonny Fodera – BBC 1’s New Music Stage

Despite having millions of streams across multiple platforms, there’s a chance you’ve never heard of this Australian artist. Through careful and precise mixing and phenomenally good live DJ sets, Sonny Fodera has carved a career as a certified house classic. The Adelaide native is a tireless globetrotter, playing at festivals all over the world including Coachella and Glastonbury, as well as collaborating with a whole host of greats such as Calvin Harris, MK, Glass Animals and BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend headliner Diplo, and with all this experience does not disappoint.

Required listening: Asking, Never Be Alone

NewDad  – BBC Introducing Stage

Also featured in our ‘Who to watch at Glastonbury‘ article, NewDad are a spectacularly good band who deserve your attention. They were first formed during secondary school, to avoid the band members having to perform a music exam on their own. Their dreamy, lo-fi soundscapes are brought to life by vocalist Julie Dawson’s sombre tones, and together with emotion filled lyrics, the band want you to feel the emotion pent up from their formative years coming out to leave you with a sense of hope and acceptance. Hailing from Galway, Ireland, NewDad are perfect to listen out for as the summer sun starts to set on the Big Weekend.

Required listening: I Don’t Recognise You, Sickly sweet, Nightmares

JW Paris – BBC Introducing Stage

This grunge-y three piece from London are not to be forgotten. Playing 11:30am on Sunday at the festival, these rockers will delight you with a series of incredibly catchy riffs and rolling rhythms through songs such as You’ve Got Me and Runaway. If that wasn’t enough for you, JW Paris are a whole box of tricks we’re not quite sure we’ve gotten to the bottom of. They can also bring some in-your-face Britpop-inspired indie records with instant classics like Electric Candle Light and Who Are You. If you’re in Luton for the festival this weekend, go find this brilliant band.

Required listening: Electric Candle Light, Runaway

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