Indie artist Lizzie Esau on her sound and getting to Glastonbury

By Owen Jameson

29 May 2024

Lizzie Esau is one of the United Kingdom’s brightest musical talents right now. The 24-year-old has risen out of North Eastern England’s booming music scene; just as acts like Sam Fender and Andrew Cushin have done in recent years.

With a clear Influence from Wolf Alice, Lizzie Esau’s sound is mature beyond her years.

Having just been announced to play Glastonbury, Esau sat down with Feedback for a quick chat about her career so far and getting to Glasto.

We asked Lizzie to talk us through the initial feelings of finding out she was going to play Glastonbury. “Ahh it’s so incredible we can’t believe it!

“I remember I was actually having quite a bad day when I got the call, and remember thinking just a few minutes prior, this would be a great day for some good news…

“And then, next thing I know it came to me! It was a very emotional phone call as you can expect!”

If you ask me, finding out you’re going to play Glastonbury would instantly make a shit day better.

Glastonbury is the pinnacle of British music festivals, and perhaps music festivals world-wide.

The greatest artists and bands of all time have played there, and now Lizzie Esau is following in their footsteps.

Lizzie Esau

Esau’s passion for music began at an incredibly young age, she told feedback: “I grew up in a very creative household, where my dad was in a band and my mum was a painter.

“I was naturally, constantly surrounded by art which no doubt passed into me; I was always encouraged to go down any creative path I had interest in.

“From the age of about 5 I remember being so keen to start piano lessons as one of my friends at school had just started, and I never looked back from there really.”

19 years on from those piano lessons, Lizzie Esau has played Radio 1’s big weekend and Boardmasters.

The support from her equally creative parents provided Lizzie with a fearless creativity that she has time and time again displayed throughout her discography.

Her passion for songwriting blossomed around this age too, ‘Writing little songs and rhymes went hand in hand; with this starting around the same time and continuing through my life’ Esau recalled.

This early start has allowed Esau to shape her sound into exactly what she wants; her songs are profound and impactful, often focussing around a guitar and her beautifully delivered vocals.

Lizzie described her sound as: “I would describe the sound as alternative pop rock / indie.

“It’s definitely guitar-based music, however we’re not afraid to go outside of the box and experiment with crossing over new genres.”

Her crossover in genres is clear between her biggest track, Peak Sublime which is has a floatier and dream-pop sound in comparison to the more guitar-led track The Enemy. As stated earlier, Esau is not afraid to push the boundaries thanks to her creative streak; Esau Backs herself to make it work no matter the style (and it does).

As for next steps after playing Glastonbury (I’m not sure how it gets much better), Esau is clearly excited for the future: “I’m so excited to be releasing our brand new single ‘Cool’ on the 6th of June!

“We have been playing this song live as the final song in our set for a number of years now, and have finally got the recording just as we want it.

“Keep an eye out for more music coming very soon after, and for bigger things going into the autumn.”

With a new single and playing the world’s most iconic festival, Lizzie Esau clearly has a busy summer ahead. She has proven herself to be one of our brightest talents at the moment, but trust me Lizzie Esau is only just getting started.

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