Glastonbury: Where the hell do I go?

By Jimmy Hughes-Brown

30 May 2024

Forget about the Pyramid stage we all know who’s playing there what else is on and where do you go?

The festival takes place on over 900 acres of land with 7 main stages and 70 more performance areas. Each area in Glastonbury can have multiple stages, bars and plenty of places for late night fun.

Silver Hayes

An open air night club, come hear if you want to get your fix of electronic music

Feedbacks picks: Girls don’t sync, Hak Baker and Shy FX


Best for up and coming artists!!

Perfect for finding up and coming artists from around the world. This stage is also surrounded by the wood and the tree stage where you can find some late night fun once the headliners of the Woodsies stage have played.

Feedbacks picks: Christine and the queens, The Courteeners and The Last Dinner party

The Park

The park stage is in eclectic mix of music with the famed Stonebrige bar next to it where you can catch Pulp frontman Jarvis cocker do his very own DJ set

Feedbacks picks: Fontaines DC, Lime Garden, Psychedelic porn crumpets

The Common

Glastonbury’s version of what a festival would be like in Machu Picchu. If you are into late night raves you will find the Temple for all your dancing needs. They also have a rum tent and a mescal tent if you are feeling adventurous

Feedbacks picks: Channel One, Critical Soundsystem, Gardna


Shangri-la has a history of representing the underrepresented it this year has introduced the first South Asian dedicated area.

Feedbacks pics: The Streets‘ Mike Skinner, Nia Archives, Empire State Bastard

Blok 9.

In the middle of Glastonbury’s naughty corner you can find anything and everything here.

Feedbacks Pics: Afrodeutche, Midland, Honey Dijon

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